Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This 'n That

First on my list: The Summer Bag Exchange

This is the bag I sent to my secret exchange person.

I put two pockets with elastic for a cell phone and sunglasses, on the other side is a key fob.
The flap has a decorative button on the front but it actually closes with a magnetic snap. I also included several fat quarters and these cute little bobbin wraps. You'll never have to worry about your bobbin thread unraveling.

(Wow can I take a horrible picture or what!)
You probably recognize these little doodads. They are ponytail holders for little girls. If you can find the super tiny ones for babies they'll probably work better. Not only will it prevent the thread from unraveling, they also won't roll around willy nilly and with the bright wraps they're easy to see.

Above is the bag I received from Erika from Mexico City. Isn't it pretty. My photograph does not do it justice nor the fabrics she gave me. The bag is knitted with white, yellow and pink yarn. It have a soft lining and a full zipper. It also has a long strap so you can wear it like a messenger bag. The white fabric is silky and is embroidered with a border, the gold is sheer with a design throughout it and the last a deep green jute fabric. Erika also gave me a sweet embroidered handkerchief. Thank you again, Erika I love all of it.

Second: A Bag for Me
Jeannett, here's the bag I made for shopping at the New Braunfels Quilt Show that took place last week. Too bad I got seriously sick the night before and spent all of Saturday in bed or the bathroom. Oh well, there's always next time.
The fabric is called Kaleidoscope but I don't remember who the designer is, very bright and groovy. I decided to add a couple of loops on the inside top to hook sunglasses and reading glasses. I also want to add a key fob. I didn't have time to put batting in the straps so when I fix them that's when I'll add these new things. I am also planning to make a wallet and cell phone holder.
Third: A Quillow Tutorial in the works
I am almost finished with a quillow so in a week or so as soon as I get the instructions together I'll put a tutorial together.
That's it for now!